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Current, Planned, and Potential Service Areas

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CTC’s current, planned, and potential service areas are reflected on the map above. Hover over each area to see more details. Use the tools on the left side of the map to zoom in/out and toggle between satellite and street map views.

If your home, cabin, or business is located in a current service area and you’re interested in services or would like more information, please enter your address in the fields above or call us at 218-454-1234.

Areas listed below are potential service areas where a goal must be met before service will be made available. To show your interest in bringing fiber internet to these areas, enter your address in the fields above.

North Camp Ripley

87% to goal | 1 more customers needed

Rice Lake

50% to goal | 878 more customers needed

Greenwood Township

19% to goal | 1422 more customers needed

Pike Township

14% to goal | 426 more customers needed

City of Cloquet

6% to goal | 3031 more customers needed

Pine Beach

0% to goal | 81 more customers needed